Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey girls! (:
Know you girls haven heard from me for quite some time. Here's some update about me.

Thanks for the prayers you girls have been keeping me in. As some of you girls may know, I've been falling ill and been weak these months. I really miss you girls, church and God. I promise, i'll be back as soon as i've recovered! (:

I'm doing fine and well in poly now. Adapted and settled down. (: Thank God for his faithfulness and strength to help me pull through this period of time. It was tough, but hah, i got through it! (: There's a lot i wanna share to you girls! (: Will share when i see you girls! :D hahaha.

I'll be attached to SGH soon for attachment. (: Keep me in prayers yeah! :D Hahaha. :D

Love you girls! (: