Monday, August 27, 2007

Serving the Nations at GCYC...

... Celebrating Zhengyi's 17th birthday..
And welcome back Novie and mum! =)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We who have all finished well!

(With Lilian superimposed in. Ha. Alrights i know her outfit doesn't really match the setting =p)

Warrior Princesses!

Warrior Princesses, we had all crossed the 100K finish line! Victory! Well done!

I am so touched and excited that i have such a strong team with me.

Thus far has the Lord has brought us. May we continue to commit to one another's success, make blessing a lifestyle, and run the race with perseverance alongside one another!

in His love,

Five Loaves and Two Fishes

This is the song from Corrinne May's latest album Beautiful Seed, that i was telling you gals about yesterday.


Five Loaves and Two Fishes
Corrinne May

A little boy of thirteen
was on his way to school
He heard a crowd of people laughing
and he went to take a look
Thousands were listening
to the stories of one man
He spoke with such wisdom,
even the kids could understand

The hours passed so quickly
the day turned to night
Everyone was hungry
but there was no food in sight
The boy looked in his lunchbox
at the little that he had
He wasn't sure what good it'd do
there were thousands to be fed

But he saw the twinkling eyes of Jesus
the kindness in His smile
and the boy cried out
with the trust of a child
he said:

"Take my five loaves and two fishes
Do with it as you will
I surrender
Take my fears and inhibitions
All my burdens, my ambitions
You can use it all
to feed them all"

I often think about that boy
when I'm feeling small
and I worry that the work I do
means nothing at all

But every single tear I cry
is a diamond in His hands
and every door that slams in my face
I will offer up in prayer

So I'll give you every breath that I have
Oh Lord, you can work miracles
All that you need is my "Amen"

Take my five loaves and two fishes
Do with it as you will
I surrender
Take my fears and inhibitions
All my burdens, my ambitions
You can use it all
I hope it's not too small

I trust in you
I trust in you

Take my five loaves and two fishes
Do with it as you will
I surrender
Take my fears and inhibitions
All my burdens, my ambitions
You can use it all
no gift is too small

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I'm free from exams currently. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. :)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. :))

One breakthrough for the 100K Blessings Campaign is that I've made the decision to bless my classmates. I DARED! So I was really happy that I managed to pray for them because I really love them? Yeah, it was awkward at first. But(!), it was getting better as I managed to pray for more and more of my friends. I didn't bless A LOT of people though, but I was really happy when I pray for them. I kinda like the feeling to bless people. :) -claps for that. The feeling is so nice(!), because they would be blessed by God, whom they may not really understand at first.

Most importantly, I've gotta thank God for that courage and that yearning to bless more and more. So yeah, really grateful for that.

Once again, A BIG THANK YOU TO JESUS! :)


Ciao with s left behind.
Dina. :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

End of 100K Campaign...

We have all finished strong!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sermon 29jul: The Servant Girl - Winning when your Efforts seem Insignificant

(To hear/view sermon online, please go to FCBC Sermons Online. )

* * *

29 July 2007
Running with the Winners
The Servant Girl - Winning When Your Efforts Seem Insignificant

Key Verses: 2 Kings 5:1-3 (click)

+ One small act can make a Big Difference!

+ The result of the insignificant servant girl's one statement -> 2 Kings 5:15 'Let me (the great Commander of the army) be your (Elisha, a prophet) servant'

+ She brought about change in the life of Naaman. If she never dared to suggest him going to Elisha, he would just be crippled by leprosy forever.

1. She acted even though she was small
- Be Confident

+ The only thing recorded in the Bible of this servant girl was her one sentence in v.3.
+ She had no name.
+ She came from a shamed Northern Kingdom, Israel to become a slave, while Naaman was a top man in Syria.

+ Any fool can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in a seed. - Bob Schuller

+ God just needs a seed which is willing to die, and that seed will sprout forth life in many others.

2. She acted even though what she could do was small
- Be Credible

+ All she could do was to connect Naaman to the God she knows, the God who hears.

+ All of us cannot save souls or redeem lives. All we can do, when we are willing, is to be conduits to link the lost to Jesus. Small deeds, but the effects are big.

3. She acted even though the risk was high
- Be Committed to Meet Needs

+ The stakes were high. Naaman was the General Commander of the strongest army at that time. If Naaman was not healed in the end, she would surely lose her life. The king of Israel (whom Naaman approached to look for Elisha) even 'tore his robes' (2 Kings 5:7), knowing how high the risks were.

+ Zechariah 4:6,10a "Who despises the day of small things?"

God specialises in using the small things
> Who would look upon a small baby born in a manger in a stable in a little town? Yet this baby grew to have His purpose fulfiled as the Savior of the World. Jesus.

Do not look down on every little effort that you are putting into the lives of others through the 100K Blessings. It can possibly lead someone to the road to life.