Thursday, September 25, 2008

21st September 2008

Happy Birthday to Our Special Gir! :)

I Plead Guilty! Ha ha I confess, I'm sorry I'm late in posting up the pictures! I've been spending my days at Trybe playing monopoly, eating lunch and copy writing things for my literature lol :0) Anyway, b-t-w I got the photos on Sunday night from J's camera but only managed to successfully resized and chose the awesome & brilliant pictures to capture a very eventful and memorable day.



(DRUM ROLL) ......




Huiming's 18th Birthday!
Gosh, your such a bashful fun to be around gir!

Yeah, it's finally her big happy day! So it's like super dooper awesome isn't it? Anyway, we secretly had a present for her with her favorite color in mind (shh) we tried to hide it in church and hopefully we did manage to keep it away from ya, right Ming? Ha ha! And it was DIY ok!

After service & processing, We went to 18 Chefs which is absolutely a beautiful and fantastic food to dine at, their baked rice is to die for, and there's just option after option, so yeah we actually spent 10 minutes trying to figure out our sauces/main ingredient/topping/drink/etc. On top of that, the chef Benny has a great history to where the restaurant has come to today.

If your interested click here (a food review done by ieatishootipost but it also tells about the history of Benny, the chef too!) to explore :0) Lets just say, that He was trained by Jamie Oliver.... Yeah, so no, Not our Jamie Lim!!! er Jamie can cook good instant noodles though! Hahaha

Without further due, here are the wonderful photos!

P/S: We also had some wonderful sweet brothers who came along to celebrate Huiming's Birthday at 18 Chef's :) They're: Chris, Chee Aik, Cerwin, Shawn, Kai and a new brother that came to church last sunday mostly-known as: Max! Welcome to Max Pavillion, Expo Hall 9 FCBC Max! Hahah!

The boys were seriously anticipating their food arrival/or consuming them as you can see, Oh well (rolls eyes) typical.. pi- Patient, brothers we have. :0)

Cerwin's food was the first to come, Look at that cheese man! It looks like creme brulee here, but it was really cheese! Isn't that amazing?! Thank you God for cheese! Ha ha, and Cerwin, decided to show you guys how much he LOVES the cheese!

Readers, I present to you, Cerwin's Photo of Affection to: Cheese.

Oh yeah, Jamie was there too! She & her brilliant spunky shade of emerald green dress (which she bought) that brought out her sunny cheeky tan, and her shiny teeth!

We were saying grace by the way :0)

Two more cheese photos, above and below!.... Melt away at that cheese Jamie Lim (if your reading) Hahahahaha! And whoever else!

Do you notice a certain shade of bright yellow glaring into your eyes?
Yeah, that's Sherminh the Lemon Lover! Later on, you'll see how the title incoporates into our new clique gang, just scroll on down!

Okay, Can we do this? Yeah We can....

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Huiming!
Happy Birthday to YOU!

Your finally beautiful, wonderful, amazing 18. Embrace the moment, girl! :0) You are a special talented, gorgeous and aspirational daughter of God that never settles for less than what is worthy of you!

Although it can't really be seen right, there's one doodle on the bottom left hand corner which was drawn by Sherminh! :0) And it's super fantastic, it shows a future drawing of one of Huiming's dream career: Hairdresser! Ha ha, it shows Huiming washing/cutting Jamie's hair, Gosh so glam!


The Powerpuff Girls v2
FCBC "M" Parade Version
Coming soon to Theatres

Here are our hot, spicy and warm girls!
with a newest addition to the group...


Lemon lover, most commonly known as Sherminh!
She's got character, she's got spunk, she's sometimes tangy and sends a shiver up your bone, at other times she's sweet as can be and makes your life go yellow like the sun ;)

Welcome to the group!

Our group shot!
Due to certain restrictions and limited supply on-hand, we were made to substitute certain spices/ingredients to sub as one of our girls, please note that we made it according to the character of which the power puff girl was sporting that night.

Go figure out yourself how we were that night by reading that! :) No guarantee that you'll get it right though, Ha ha ha!

Contrary to popular belief...
We are actually very nice, and kind, and sweet to all! We have lovely smiles, and we are not crazy, nonsensical or sometimes absurd at any times....

But usually conditions change, depending on whether or not we take our medicines or not ya know?

Yeah... er. But we still love Huiming and wanna wish her Happy Birthday! :D

That was the end of this day.

It was such a memorable filled, inducing with laughter, happiness, sweet sorrow, and hugs and blowing kisses everywhere! We absolutely enjoyed, embraced and loved every single moment, and especially for one girl in our cell.

This is what we want to say to her!
(You know who you are... huiming!)

You are the sunlight to our days,
You are the random happiness that fills into our lives,
We just want to tell you,
How much you make us smile
And no matter what anyone else says bout' you
We want to say that, We your family k!
So we're always here for you!

You inspire us, time and time again
Encouraging, Motivating, Telling us
In your own way,
How much we can fight and dare to dream
For the unknown!

When you tell us all about your aspirations,
In our hearts, we want to have that kind of courage like you do!
To step up, take faith and be Bold for Christ.

We never once doubted the great future He has planned out for you,
So no matter what happens
No matter how deep, down, or bad you feel
Be motivated! Be strong! Remember,
Christ lives in Us all. His Love overcomes all fears.

You are beautiful both outside and inside,
Your side swept bangs, your cheerful big laughter,
And your friendly demure sweeps us off our feet! (literally!)

Think of it this way Ming :0)
When someone says something bad about you,
Christ tells you 100 things He loves about you!
When someone says you are Awesome
Christ tells you 1000 things more to top that off
When someone says he/she loves you
Christ says to you that He is Love, and He shows to you
His scars, When He died on the cross for you, and that He lives through you.

Yes, Never give up!
Cos your 1 Year Wiser,
1 Year Older,
1 Year Much better than the last
If you ever think, that you're not ready to grow up
Know that, Christ had it all planned up.
His time, His way, and Your life in His hands :0)
So don't worry about a thing ya?
Cos "Trust the Lord in All things..."
"Cast thy Burdens upon Thee Lord"

Much much love
We love love you so much!

The "M" Parade
Mirabel, Nicolette, Jamie, Sherminh, Dina, Eunice
Cassandra, Dina, Meiqi, Michelle, Amanda

Friday, September 12, 2008

God on msn

As my MSN logged on tonight, i thought God spoke to me these.

Many are fond of or even hooked on using MSN because they can choose when or even whether to reply to messages that came on.

God says,"I have given every man and woman a choice too. Most of them have had heard My call of love in their hearts, but they are choosing when or whether to respond to Me".

* * *

How many of us remember moments or opportunities that were lost because of our delayed responses... Don't miss out on God's call anymore; you may be missing out the greatest opportunity in your life.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Must be very surprised I actually post right?
Have been missing church for quite sometime,
And I'm sure there are people I've quite lost contact with.
But no worries,
Because I'll soon be done with my school work,
And will be returning to church services plus!
There's one more stage to go,
My parents.
Pray for me okay!
Hopefuly my mother will trust me in my time management and allows me.
Oh by the way,
May the Lord bless you in every aspects,
your life, your studies, work, family, health.
Remember God take cares of you and will never forsake you!
He will always love you and take away your loneliness,
Shows you the way to heaven,
and He will always protect you.
Birthday is a very special day,
Ever since you were born,
He have been watching over you.
I am sure He's happy that you're happy now.
Rejoice with the Lord my dear! (although you don't know me well)
Happy birthday.
About my life:
Have been facing many ups and downs recently.
But I've been praying hard,
And I know you all will be there when I need you guys.
Even though I may not be with you guys all the time,
But I want to tell you that I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH.
Be it before bed time,
Before school stars,
Everything I do,
I'll wish the best for all of you too.
So looking forward for a renion.(:
Sharon will be strong,
No matter what she(me) faces.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Dear Michelle, i always thank God for having you with us. You carry with you a gentle love for the people around you, no matter how cool you look (Ha!), and your smile is really beautiful.

May the Lord's work continue in your life, as i know He has your best interests at heart and also your best purposes laid out. 'Before you were formed in the womb, He knew you' (Jeremiah 1:5a).

Love n hugs,

Photos from the Pool

Nicolette's baptism

Jaime's baptism