Thursday, September 11, 2008

Must be very surprised I actually post right?
Have been missing church for quite sometime,
And I'm sure there are people I've quite lost contact with.
But no worries,
Because I'll soon be done with my school work,
And will be returning to church services plus!
There's one more stage to go,
My parents.
Pray for me okay!
Hopefuly my mother will trust me in my time management and allows me.
Oh by the way,
May the Lord bless you in every aspects,
your life, your studies, work, family, health.
Remember God take cares of you and will never forsake you!
He will always love you and take away your loneliness,
Shows you the way to heaven,
and He will always protect you.
Birthday is a very special day,
Ever since you were born,
He have been watching over you.
I am sure He's happy that you're happy now.
Rejoice with the Lord my dear! (although you don't know me well)
Happy birthday.
About my life:
Have been facing many ups and downs recently.
But I've been praying hard,
And I know you all will be there when I need you guys.
Even though I may not be with you guys all the time,
But I want to tell you that I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH.
Be it before bed time,
Before school stars,
Everything I do,
I'll wish the best for all of you too.
So looking forward for a renion.(:
Sharon will be strong,
No matter what she(me) faces.

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