Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cassandra's Baptism Testimony

Before I trusted Christ, even though I was born in a Christian family, I did not know anything about Christ. When I was little, my parents did mention to me about the story of Jesus. Being small then, I was not very interested about it. I kept wondering 'Why do I need Jesus in my life?'; I thought that as long as I maintained a good attitude in life and did well in my studies, that was all I needed. But I was wrong.

My friend Yan zhi invited me to his church (FCBC) in 2008. At first i hesitated because I remembered going to my first church and feeling not too belonging there. After much consideration, I attended FCBC's service and followed the pastor in saying the sinner's prayer for the first time in my life. Continuing to attend service with my cell, I even went for the Encounter Weekend with a few sisters. Never had I known so much about Jesus and God's truth and allowed Him to work so powerfully in my life. I began to better understand that sin had separated me from God and the victorious life He has for me.

God continued to shine light into the areas of my life that He wanted to work in - many of which I never thought were important to change. But they have been very important to Jesus all these while! I thank God that He never lets go of me all these years. After knowing Jesus in a deeper way and belonging to a family of God, I have learnt how to forgive people, like how Jesus had forgiven me of my sins. I also became more confident of myself and do not feel overly worried about my problems anymore. My relationships with my family and friends have improved a lot too. With Jesus with me, my life has had so much more meaning.

Have these ever happened in your life? :)

Cassandra Lee

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sher Minh's Baptism Testimony


I can remember clearly how I was before I came to Christ. At that point of time, I can never describe what being happy was. Everything that filled my mind were negative thoughts like “I’m useless, I’m not worth anything” etc. Suicidal thoughts would follow and I can really say that my emotions were like a rollercoaster ride. Self consciousness were flooding me and I was really mindful of what people think of me. I started to become very distant from people, yet craving for attention from them. My relationships with my friends were broken due to jealousy, and the unforgiveness out of my broken family. I got into complicated boy-girl relationships to find love and attention that I had never gotten from my family.

On July 6th 2008, one of my best brothers, Shingkai, introduced me to FCBC. The sermon that I first attended was on self consciousness. I felt like God was just beside me, giving me comfort and most importantly, a wake-up call to stop dwelling in the situations I was in. I could remember myself crying and crying, and when my cell leader, Mirabel, prayed healing for me, I could sense that God was there for me. At that point, I was so touched and amazed by His love for me, that I decided to receive Him as my Saviour, my Lord and my Father.

Throughout my walk with God so far, He has truly moulded me into a better person. I am now a happier person with positive thoughts; I want to live my life to the fullest. In my encounter camp last December, I had truly forgiven my mother and father who had a divorce when I was two. My dad had inflicted verbal and physical abuse onto my mother. He was also a drug addict and had tried to feed me with drugs when I was two. Jealousy no longer resided in my friendships and most importantly, I had gained a very caring, supportive and wonderful spiritual family. No matter what happened, I have never been negative and never regretted receiving the Lord as my Saviour and King.

Sher Minh
Ps Yueh Ping’s tribe

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Praises as Worship unto the Lord

Today Pastor Khong reminded us,
GOD's throne is built upon the praises of His people,
and every praise is a defence against the devil's arrows.

Hear what some of us gave thanks for today!

:: Chiew Li ::
I thank God for
1. Giving me the strength to keep awake
2. The ang pow money
3. The time i have spent with you all despite the tiredness
4. The food that Hui Ming's grandmother had cooked for us
5. Letting me understand my parents more
6. Healing my heart (not completely but still healing)
7. Walking through my difficult times with me (and of course He is still walking through with me)
8. Giving me all the blessings
9. A wonderful day today!
10. Telling me i can do it and not to give up!

:: Yi Ting ::
I wanna thank God for giving me these few days to rest and think about the plans for the year and put down the unnecessary burdens :)

:: Cassandra ::
He gave me the strength and encouragement not to give up for studies.

:: Mirabel ::
I thank God for never giving up on me when i have still a long way to go to become more like Christ. I thank Him for reminding me of the importance to reflect and lay down my burdens at the Cross, because He cares for me. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

When you don't pack...

I often find things that I have put into my bag to bring home and leave there, still in my bag, day after day.

Such 'unpleasant discoveries' make me go ahhhhhhhh, because it means i have carried around unnecessary weight.

God dawned this in my mind last evening, when yet again, i found unpleasant discoveries as i opened my bag.

"If you don't pack, you will drag along unnecessary burdens".

Indeed if i do not leave time to reflect upon the happenings in my life, and pack my feelings and thoughts, i will non-consciously shoulder much unneccesary burdens as the days go on.

I hope you also leave time in your life to lay the past at the Cross, so that you can move ahead with greater and greater freedom. :)