Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Praises as Worship unto the Lord

Today Pastor Khong reminded us,
GOD's throne is built upon the praises of His people,
and every praise is a defence against the devil's arrows.

Hear what some of us gave thanks for today!

:: Chiew Li ::
I thank God for
1. Giving me the strength to keep awake
2. The ang pow money
3. The time i have spent with you all despite the tiredness
4. The food that Hui Ming's grandmother had cooked for us
5. Letting me understand my parents more
6. Healing my heart (not completely but still healing)
7. Walking through my difficult times with me (and of course He is still walking through with me)
8. Giving me all the blessings
9. A wonderful day today!
10. Telling me i can do it and not to give up!

:: Yi Ting ::
I wanna thank God for giving me these few days to rest and think about the plans for the year and put down the unnecessary burdens :)

:: Cassandra ::
He gave me the strength and encouragement not to give up for studies.

:: Mirabel ::
I thank God for never giving up on me when i have still a long way to go to become more like Christ. I thank Him for reminding me of the importance to reflect and lay down my burdens at the Cross, because He cares for me. :)

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