Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sher Minh's Baptism Testimony


I can remember clearly how I was before I came to Christ. At that point of time, I can never describe what being happy was. Everything that filled my mind were negative thoughts like “I’m useless, I’m not worth anything” etc. Suicidal thoughts would follow and I can really say that my emotions were like a rollercoaster ride. Self consciousness were flooding me and I was really mindful of what people think of me. I started to become very distant from people, yet craving for attention from them. My relationships with my friends were broken due to jealousy, and the unforgiveness out of my broken family. I got into complicated boy-girl relationships to find love and attention that I had never gotten from my family.

On July 6th 2008, one of my best brothers, Shingkai, introduced me to FCBC. The sermon that I first attended was on self consciousness. I felt like God was just beside me, giving me comfort and most importantly, a wake-up call to stop dwelling in the situations I was in. I could remember myself crying and crying, and when my cell leader, Mirabel, prayed healing for me, I could sense that God was there for me. At that point, I was so touched and amazed by His love for me, that I decided to receive Him as my Saviour, my Lord and my Father.

Throughout my walk with God so far, He has truly moulded me into a better person. I am now a happier person with positive thoughts; I want to live my life to the fullest. In my encounter camp last December, I had truly forgiven my mother and father who had a divorce when I was two. My dad had inflicted verbal and physical abuse onto my mother. He was also a drug addict and had tried to feed me with drugs when I was two. Jealousy no longer resided in my friendships and most importantly, I had gained a very caring, supportive and wonderful spiritual family. No matter what happened, I have never been negative and never regretted receiving the Lord as my Saviour and King.

Sher Minh
Ps Yueh Ping’s tribe

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