Saturday, October 6, 2007

God cares more than you think

An amazing testimony that i saw on a brother's blog:

Went for cell grp yesterday night. Had a chat with my leader Sharul. As usual we talk abt guitars n i asked him abt the Gibson guitar tt he used on Sun svc. Then he shared an amazing testimony.

He had a "Made in US" californian Fender telecaster at home so one day he decided to post it on guitar forums n see if it has market value n how much it can fetch. He got good offers n one day, there's a guy who called him n asked whether can he exchange his guitar with his. Sharul tot tt this guy muz be offering lower end guitars but to his surprise, the guy offered him a Gibson Classic or Custom which can cost between $3k to $5K. His Fender telecaster only cost around $1k plus.

So he went to this young chap house which is in Nassim Road(super rich). He went to his basement n he saw many guitars hanging on the wall, this guy is a collector. He brought him to 2 guitar cases n Sharul open it. Man, it's really a Gibson Custom n Classic. Tt guy wanna exchange one on one with Sharul's. Sharul was shocked n told him he did not wanna cheat him, his guitar doesn't match up to the guy's guitar at all. Tt guy didn't mind at all, cuz his collection lack a telecaster. Sharul took the Classic instaed of the Custom.

So Sharul told him why not exchange for 2 weeks first n see whether he still wanna exchange or not. Tt guy agreed. So Sharul took it back n play with the guitar. When he saw the serial no of the guitar, he was shocked. U see, 2-3 yrs back, Sharul went to a guitar shop n he saw a Gibson Classic n he played with it. He loved it very much, but he can't afford it at all. But he took down the serial no. n went home. He pinned up the pic n serial no. on his "dreams board" at home. Linda, his wife, prayed for his dream guitar whenever she pass by the board.

After a while Sharul didn't pray for it anymore but his wife kept praying for it. So when he looked at his guitar he was holding....he got a shock....the serial no. is exactly the same as the no. he took down of the guitar 2-3 yrs's the same guitar!!!! He called his wife n he found out she has been praying for his dreams n even proclaim tt he'll hv more to come!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What defines B e a u t y for you?

The world out there is trying to tell us so many things.

That is why it is so important to be aware of what we see, hear and receive as values. When we loosely allow an influx of messages of all assortments come into our minds, our self-esteem can get damaged silently and gradually.

Who and what define beauty for you today?

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