Saturday, October 6, 2007

God cares more than you think

An amazing testimony that i saw on a brother's blog:

Went for cell grp yesterday night. Had a chat with my leader Sharul. As usual we talk abt guitars n i asked him abt the Gibson guitar tt he used on Sun svc. Then he shared an amazing testimony.

He had a "Made in US" californian Fender telecaster at home so one day he decided to post it on guitar forums n see if it has market value n how much it can fetch. He got good offers n one day, there's a guy who called him n asked whether can he exchange his guitar with his. Sharul tot tt this guy muz be offering lower end guitars but to his surprise, the guy offered him a Gibson Classic or Custom which can cost between $3k to $5K. His Fender telecaster only cost around $1k plus.

So he went to this young chap house which is in Nassim Road(super rich). He went to his basement n he saw many guitars hanging on the wall, this guy is a collector. He brought him to 2 guitar cases n Sharul open it. Man, it's really a Gibson Custom n Classic. Tt guy wanna exchange one on one with Sharul's. Sharul was shocked n told him he did not wanna cheat him, his guitar doesn't match up to the guy's guitar at all. Tt guy didn't mind at all, cuz his collection lack a telecaster. Sharul took the Classic instaed of the Custom.

So Sharul told him why not exchange for 2 weeks first n see whether he still wanna exchange or not. Tt guy agreed. So Sharul took it back n play with the guitar. When he saw the serial no of the guitar, he was shocked. U see, 2-3 yrs back, Sharul went to a guitar shop n he saw a Gibson Classic n he played with it. He loved it very much, but he can't afford it at all. But he took down the serial no. n went home. He pinned up the pic n serial no. on his "dreams board" at home. Linda, his wife, prayed for his dream guitar whenever she pass by the board.

After a while Sharul didn't pray for it anymore but his wife kept praying for it. So when he looked at his guitar he was holding....he got a shock....the serial no. is exactly the same as the no. he took down of the guitar 2-3 yrs's the same guitar!!!! He called his wife n he found out she has been praying for his dreams n even proclaim tt he'll hv more to come!!!

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