Saturday, May 24, 2008

24th May 2008 Mirabop Birthday

disFCBC Powerpuff Girls

Hello girls! :0) Guess who's birthday it was? (not today though, it was a while back but she was in 144 re-encounter camp, Hint!) None other than our very sweet, lovable & florally bright sparkling cell leader Mirabel!


Hmm, She doesn't look so satisfied does she? Wonder why, tee hee!

We had a very fun filled day at Minds Cafe playing board games and celebrating, lets move on to the happy exciting filled pictures of the day along with a short series of "Powerpuff Girls" Curious to know what it is? Roll roll down your mouse!

P.S: Lots of photos, so let it load first than slowly scroll down!

"Happy Birthday to.... ME!" by Mirabel, Ha ha! :0)

Aww, look at Ming's expression and Mirabel's little puffy cheeks! Ha ha, Happy Birthday Mirabel! We love you so much!

The Present.

(giggles) "PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.... Please do not try taking a group photo of church girls at home? Tee hee :0)" Notice the signboard above us if you don't get it, Ha ha

That's the summarization of the celebration at Minds Cafe, but there's a few other shots you need to see, Mmm keep scrolling down, Yes you do that now.

The Powerpuff Girl Series :0)

The Powerpuff girls, Woo!

Ha ha, Hope it was "enlightening" for you! :0) We had a very fun filled day and to summarise it all, We never fail to amuse, shock and sometimes frighten the "bop" out of Mirabel, A great example would be this photo and today's experience, She sure has crazy and unique girls!

Once again...
God Bless You
We love you and we hope you have a great year in everything you do, May the Good Lord bless and guide you in everything that you do, May his grace, mercy & Presence be upon you at all times and May you grow to desire Him more and more as the day goes by!

Much love,
Nicolette & Girls

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