Monday, August 25, 2008

Heaven Rejoices over Nicolette and Jamie's Baptism!

Celebrating Nico & Jamie

Jamie's Baptism Testimony

I come from a good family background, where my parents are also Christians and have no marriage problems, and from young I saw my dad doing quiet time every morning. I really felt that I was carefully brought up in God’s hands, and He taught me what is right and wrong. When I was young I was scared of going to church and scared of the Bible because there’s this “devil” thing that I saw in a short skit in a church during the adult service, in which i did not understand their sermons at all. I did not go to the children's service because I tended to stick to my mum and cry if she left me to other people. (Laughs).

Recently when I started learning piano from a Christian teacher, I somehow got close to God again. She started praying for God to stir my heart, and He really did. I became more conscious about the loneliness in my heart - I had a lot of friends but only little close ones to go to, and often felt very down without a particular guy friend's sms for no good reason. As time passed, I felt very down and could hardly joke around or be happy wholeheartedly.

I did not know who to turn to, then God came to my mind. Looking at the calendar, which showed that 25th November 2007 (which was also my birthday) was a Sunday, I then decided to approach one of my friends in FCBC to tell him that I wanted to go church on that Sunday. Upon making that decision, I felt this Hand pushing me behind telling me “Just go, take that first step, and just go, don’t have to think too much anymore”. ha-ha I guess it was really God calling, and the good thing is I obeyed. :)

After coming back to God, of course things changed - there is now more security in me, and I started not caring much about what I wear to school everyday. I had cleared my doubts in God and can easily trust God and account to Him in times of trouble. I began spending time reading the Bible and soaking in God’s presence. All I can say is it is amazing. There is more happiness and joy in my life which help me to care for others more and also to bring happiness into their lives, beginning from the people around me (family, friends, and new cell sisters).

My cell leader’s care is real; each and every little step I take, she cares. She is always asking me “How are you feeling?” or “Are you ok?”. I can easily account to her my “progress” with God. I also ask her questions to clear my doubts, and became more stable in Christ, now being able to recognise that things that happen are all part of God’s plans, never coincidental. If I have not gone to church for spiritual nourishment, I would be spiritually dead. He gives power to the weak and to them who have no might, He increases strength. He said to me, "My Grace is sufficient for you, for My Strength is made perfect in weakness". God is R-E-A-L to me!


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