Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Spirit-filled Cell Meeting 20 Mar 2009

Hear what some of us said:

Cell was awesome tonight. I received a lot from the G12 teachings. To reflect upon our inhibitions and change myself so that everything around me will change too. To be quick to listen from the Holy Spirit. To apply the blood of Jesus so as to die to ourselves. Most importantly, I am reminded that Jesus came down not to be served but to serve. And the act that you washed our feet reminds me of us really humbling ourselves. This is a turning point for me.

I am so looking forward to the next cell meeting. :)

Yes I felt the Holy Spirit was with us. I think Minh led well in the worship too. Thank God for Chiew Li receiving the gift of tongues!

It was very great, definitely Spirit-filled.

Actually I did not study what I needed to study (for exam), and my mum was making noise. She said, "Go (for cell) for what, not that they will do your exam for you". Lots of temptation to not go, but I knew I needed the Holy Spirit. So I struggled my way through. Today was different, many came, the spirit was very different when i walked into the room, we were united.

Chiew Li - received the gift of tongues during cell on that day!
Cell for me tonight was great - knowing what God wants me to change, learn to serve others just as how you (Mirabel) served us and never ask for anything back :)

Sher Minh - served in worship/guitar for the first time at cell!
Cell's much livelier :) Felt the Holy Spirit working in us. During worship when I was leading, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and I had a few revelations about our cell. :)

Yi Ting
It was my first time going and it is awesome. I feel more bonded and learn to support one another through Christ.

Everyone was more passionate... united. It was kind of mysterious that we had to wait till you (voiceless Mirabel) finished writing every word on the board in order to understand what was being said...

... I know that the Lord is waiting to receive me...


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