Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lovely Steamy Night

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Happy Birthday, our dear Qi. =)
May your life continue to be a shining testimony for Christ, a light that fights to burn even when the winds hit. For Jesus will cover you under His wings all the time.

* * *

This is actually the first time our cell group had steamboat for our CNY reunion dinner. It had been a really beautiful time; my heart is touched by each of you who tried to make it for the dinner, and of course those of you who wanted but couldn't because of various reasons.

I see God's hand strongly upon us, and each of our lives. This i am so grateful. Let's keep our faces to the Lord together all the time, loving Jesus and one another more and more. =)


P.S. Thanks dear sis Stella and bro Anthony and cell for gracing the occasion. =p

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mirabop said...

Dina, the more i look at our impossible photo, the more i think it looks like i deliberately stepped on your foot. What magic facial expressions and cameras can do. Haha.

But may i clarify to the whole world, i didnt step on Dina! Haha. She likes to pose that expression. God knows why. =p