Thursday, February 8, 2007


This is a thanksgiving for the Lord's drawing me deep when i chose to go deep.

Two years back, I started a personal 3-year bible reading plan but it stagnated totally in 2006. It seemed so easy to say 'It's hard to catch up since i have already missed so much. I am tired; i will just go to bed' night after night.

But God did not let me go. The cohesive focus on Going Deep in Christ dug up in me, a buried thirst for God's word. I was further inspired by Ahpa Ps YC when he committed to journey through Psalms in January. I knew i wanted to obey with all my heart, to go deep like never before. I wanted to enter 2007 victorious.

And waalaaaaa, ever since my nightly meditation and reflection on Psalms and Proverbs began, i have tasted the sweetness of the living water like never before! Indeed God's word is living. Many times i had gone to bed in tears of gratitude and amazement, because certain verses that revealed God's heart to me just kept washing over my soul and taking my breath away!

Knowledge that probably fleeted through my mind now etches truth deep in a heart that bows in indescribable amazement. In a nutshell, i think this verse tells of the beauty of the Lord that i have been and am still being deeply captivated by...

You stoop down
to make me great.
~Psalm 18:35b

We have sung in the song 'Light of the World' that He 'stepped down into darkness'. Who likes to step down? Into a place so dark and unknown? I thought as i sought the Lord in this, He showed me Himself doing exactly that before my eyes. O Lord......

* * *

Don't miss out on this great time of catching up with the Lord and His word. He has already stooped down, in order for us to know Him. Abundant joy and hope has been welling up in me, in exchange of going deep in the well of His living word. He says to you too 'Thirsty? Just come and drink of Me, and you will never thirst" (John 4:14).


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