Thursday, May 17, 2007

So that you would come.

Yay! I'm back to post.

Exams has just ended and i'm getting my results very soon. Today, as my friends compared with the answers that my teachers gave, as he continue shouting over which he has got correct, i can't help feeling a sense of inferiority as i know i have not done well for maths.

I was brought back to Jackie Pullinger's sermon on how we are judged based on performance at such a early age. God's love for us will not change and varies for different grades that you've achieved. In the song 'So you would come', it also states that nothing you can do, could make him close the door.

Also, i was also reminded to surrender everything into His hands and trust Him for my results.

God loves me the way i am! I did my best, God the rest i surrender unto you! (=

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mirabop said...

Dear Aman,

I am so touched to hear of how you allow God to minister to and assure your heart.

I am terribly proud of you that you did your best. You are already an amazing testimony in how you grow in your dedication to your studies through these years.

In the name of Jesus, reject all fear and worry!



P.S. Just a note to use capital Y for 'You' when referring to God. =)