Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mirabel's up and mighty again!

Today, after one entire week of MC and of feeling groggy from medication,

I am up, bouncing strong and on fire again!

Yes i feel it so in my Spirit; i am already thinking of the people i want to invite for service this Sunday (heehee) and this morning i had an amazing time of worship with Jesus, declaring His victory over my family, ministry, etc.

i was especially moved to tears at one moment during worship, when i realised how close Jesus has really been for the past week. Once again i bow at how deeply HE really knows my heart - i wanted to structure my time of MC to spend quality time with Jesus, but the non-high-D and groggy me just could not and did not.

Nonetheless, Jesus initiated (as He always does). Arising out of this period of rest, i am so sure that i have fallen even more deeply in love with Jesus... through the random book-, bible-reading, praying etc.

But hey, nothing is random in God's sense. He is a God of order (Romans 13:5, The Message Bible). =)

I'm singing.... for the glory of the Risen King!!!

i cannot wait to share with you gals what Jesus has done for me, especially after being absent from church for a week.

My heart was so warmed and so proud of you, to hear of you all coming together yourselves for a really good time of cell and processing before and after service ( i have my spies ok, haha). Amanda, i heard that you did a very good job for Going Deep in Colossians 3! Well done!

We are growing strong together, in the Lord! =) Praise Him!

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