Monday, November 17, 2008

This is our GOD

Hey girls!

Here's a short message right before i go to take a short nap & after that get ready to fly off to bangkok. I really had such a wonderful day, and you girls were SO awesome, you know those that there there. You all looked SO AMAZING, Ha ha and everyone was so lovely and warm towards us.

I remember there was a really sweet moment when i met jamie (cos I had a committee meeting earlier) and we met this uncle in hall 9, this really sweet and lovely old uncle who'd ALWAYS greet us so friendly and warm, and he wanted some money to eat. It felt so great at that moment, because it was like when he asked me and Jamie, i felt like the person asking wasn't Him, but it was like Jesus Christ. And i remember in the Bible, it said once "Whenever you give, Give in the name of Christ" it was so great, and i really felt the presence of God the WHOLE WHOLE day.

Anyway, long story short. I was really exhausted and i could not WAIT to get home and sleep during chingay rehearsal, and i was looking on youtube for "This is Our God" by Hillsong, because we sang it today in service :0) and I found this video.

The lead singer was sharing what happened right before she sang this song, and how she had just a week ago before she had to do the album, she gave birth to a baby but it was only 23+ weeks old (so it was premature and really young) and how, she and her husband spent the day praying and accompanying the child, in the end, the child didn't last & it went back to Christ.

What really pulled me in was the motivation, the STRENGTH, the COURAGE, and the Faith that She had to trust in God so mightily and readily, with such insane excellence. She mentioned in the video that it didn't change anything, God was still the most awesome God, He was still the glorified One, and that she'd still always serve Him and love Him just the same.

It encouraged me, i know today Pastor Khong was preaching about having the spirit of excellence and after service, how all of us had shared how much we wanted to change, and really have that spirit of excellence in us. And yet, i wanna tell ya that, after today when you go back to the weekdays, to the workplace, or to any area where God wants you to serve

When you face a obstacle, and you feel discouraged and feel declined to give your best and your most excellent, God is still gonna be there, He's still gonna be the SAME, and that no matter what, He's never gonna change.

If today, we feel inclined by this sermon to do our best, our most excellent just cos the Pastor said so, just cos a cell leader said so, than change that thought. Because no matter WHAT you go through, all the problems, all the worries, and all the changes, Nothing has ever changed.

Dont be discouraged just by one small little thing,
But be encouraged by EVERY LITTLE ACTION.

It doesn't change anything in your life when something goes wrong,
But it changes EVERYTHING in you :0)

Ha ha hope it's not toooo long winded, have a wonderful week!


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