Friday, January 2, 2009

BeforeChrist/After Christ 09

Hey darlings! Happy New Year, Here's wishing you a cheerful and bright year ahead, trust in e Lord in all times and His wisdom/wiseness guide you through all things!

Here's two fun photos that i edited during cell retreat
(If you weren't in the photo, please "imaginatively" add yourself in!)

Before Christ
We all had imperfections, and pains, and we all wore masks and face paint to hide the real us inside, we were of the world and in the world, and we understood things the way the world viewed it:


After Christ
We were SAVED by the Light, and we saw His perfect will & glory for us all. We were washed away from all sins, cleansed throughly and now in Christ, we SHINE for HIM and NOT for the World!


Hold on to the everlasting promise of Christ for this year and the years to come: That as long as we believe in Him, we will NEVER perish but will have ETERNAL life (John 3:16)! :)

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