Sunday, January 25, 2009

Embarassing Cell Videos/CNY Videos 2009

These are for entertainment videos :0) Think some of you might remember them? Hoho <: Hope they give you plenty of laughter and more blessings and Joy in the Lord as your days with Him grow stronger and you gain Wisdom and Wiseness in all actions that you might do.

CNY Dinner 2009 Photos @Flickr
Click the above link to view the CNY dinner photos :)

Cell Retreat 2008 Video
[The theme was Occupation for Countdown Party 2008, We dressed up in school uniforms and recorded our profile. Although it might be a tad soft <: TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS TO THE LOUDEST and guess whose lying and whose not!]

24th January 2009 CNY Dinner
[Here's a hello note and a social peek into what we did :)]

24th January 2009 CNY Dinner
[We tested out how hot and toxic the "tomyam" soup really was after the lady refilled it with potent dollops of tomyam paste, check to see our review!]



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