Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yi Ting's thanksgiving for her Rededication today

today, tomorrow and the future

i don't know if this is a testimonial, but i'd like to type this down so that i can look back and have a laugh at myself :]

today's the second time i've been to FCBC. i approach the hall with mixed feelings; excitment to meet my cell group, doubtful as they are still rather new to me. i walked along mirabel wondering how i would fit in. while we had breakfast, i shared a experience i had with church when i was young.

my mum was at hong kong with my grandmother[when she's still alive] and aunt, i stayed with my 2nd aunt. on weekend she brought me to church, i still remembered vividly that i was brought to this classroom with other kids and a teacher. the teacher introduced me as a non-believer and told the other kids to play with me like one of them. we were each given a picture of Jesus Christ and colour pencils. our task was to colour Him, then cut out the picture and make it into a bookmark. the other kids shunned me and i was left alone at a table, i remembered i was colouring Christ's cloak a light blue. i never had to chance to finish it though. but the kids' refusal to include me made a stronger and bad impression of Church.

singing with my cell group today was really great. even though i didn't know how to sing the songs except for Amazing Grace. it's particularly easy to sing along today. :] what touched me most is Amazing Grace of course. it was my grandmother's funeral song, i never forgot it since then. its rly touching that brought tears to my eyes. i'm still like a newbie to church and this faith, so i didn't know what to do except to try open my heart to the faith. it worked!

after pastor Melvin's sermon he did this prayer for everyone. he encouraged us to raise our hands to accept Christ. i did, i don't know what made me do it, my hand just went up automatically at 3. i opened my eyes, looked around, shocked to realise i'm the only one with my hands raised. a wave of awkwardness overwhelmed me and i pulled my hand back, embarrassed. haha, then i was brought up for altar call[felt even more awkward], where everyone prayed for me, i felt tears prickling my eyes again. the feeling of being overwhelmed with love and joy is really great. every bit of unhappiness and fustration gone. :]

i would like to thank God for his love, Stacia's efforts to persuade me to church though i disappointed her time and time again, mirabel's love and support, jamie and hui ming's prayers and kai's constant nagging and preaching[aka love, concern, support]

now i have a loooong list of ppl to pray for.

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