Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to Nicolette!

Hello girls! Aww ok HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :) Haha since there is no one to blog for me, i'll blog for myself! Hahaha it's still counted right!

Anyway, I wanted to thank you girls (LOVE) so so much! You have no idea how absolutely happy I was yest :D Even though I might not have shown it outwardly, inside of me I was like a mexican jumping bean!! YAY. Haha, despite all the problems we had reaching the place, and even finding out that Miss Clarity Cafe was closed pfft! I still enjoyed the time we spent at Hans.

Despite all the setbacks or misunderstandings we have, I really enjoy time with you girls :). There's no doubt that I could find no other group of sisters as amazing as each of you are. You all brighten up my life and make me smile even when I can't find anything to smile about. You each love and know Christ so much better than I do, and you all inspire me every single moment to be stronger in Christ. We're one family, one body, and I'm absolutely glad I'm part of this family, because your in here with me :D. We can grow together, as one family, thank you for always being there.

We're a special bunch of Sisters in Christ!

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