Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rich in Christ

Hey girls! :D
it's my first time posting here! :D Ahhahaha. Anyways, i wanna share something with you girls today which i think which would post as a reminder to all of us. :D it's a late devotion sharing but well, it's never too late to share God's word! :D

Hees. It's something that God reminded me during my QT yesterday. (: I was kinda "blaming" Him for like not blessing me financially despite taking a step forward to give more during tithes, so that slowly i can really surrender 10% of my income to Him and trusting Him financially. I just kept asking and asking why and then it knocked onto me that, whether am i trusting Him financially, and not asking anything in return, or am i giving more because i want more from Him. It dawned onto me that, i should not be asking Him for money, but more than that i should just believe in Him that He will provide just enough or even more than i expected in other ways instead of money.

Following then, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and actually asked me this, have you counted your blessings recently? I've come to realised that i've been so focused on whether he blessed me with money and neglected the part where he blessed me so abundantly in other areas! I counted and counted and it dawned upon me that indeed when i'm poor yet i'm rich. Although, i'm poor financially but i'm rich in the blessings that God has given to me.

So girls, Have you counted your blessings recently?! :D Before you even complain, count your blessings! :D, you'll realised that how abundantly you have been blessed by God! (Even the air you breathe is a blessing! :D) Praise the Lord! :D

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