Saturday, April 4, 2009

Letting Go to Trust

20090327 YN144 ReEnc Me on Wall

This is a picture of me (i'm the one who looks a little like spiderman, being pulled up the wall. Haha) during an activity in my recent YN144 Leaders ReEncounter. The challenge was to get everyone in the group (about 20 of us) up to the top of wall and to take a group picture there.

There is no way any of us can ascend the wall alone - the gaps in wood planks are too small to grip, and our group's Ps William also warned us that if we hook our fingers through the slits and then fall backwards and down, our fingers can most likely be dislodged from our palms.

i climbed unto the shoulders of two poor brothers (haha), stretched my arms to reach Ps William and other brothers already on top, and then i simply.... waited.

There was nothing more for me to do, or that i could do. I have neither the length of body to reach the top edge, nor the strength to lift and flip myself over the edge.

I smiled to my brothers up there and said, "You can pull me up now", which after a while, they did. I was the first lady in the group to reach the top! Hooray. Haha.

No fear, because i know those above me will grip me; and those below will catch me if i fall.

* * *

The secret to success? Letting go and trust.

Do you trust your cell sisters and church family enough that you can be sure that when you let go, they will hold or catch you?

Sometimes we have to let go of striving ALONE, to understand that. Some of us are too used to striving alone.

Ps Nina spoke about the strength of the inner Spirit last Sunday. We cannot receive or experience that, if we choose to work on our own strength.

* * *

And what happens if everyone in a family lets go and trust one another altogether?

We make it to the top together! What a beautiful picture! :)

20090327 YN144 ReEnc Group Photo

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