Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dina's thanksgiving for G12 Conference (her 1st!)

"I thank God that i made the right choice by going to the conference. I really enjoyed myself there through all the weariness, which CANNOT COMPARE TO THE JOY I FELT THERE!

Yeah i treated the conference as a retreat for me too. I felt embraced in God's arms and felt the boundless love He has for me. =)

And yeah, I felt deeply touched, comforted and secured by Him in the heart. It is like a fresh anointing (of His love) and I know that He will never leave me, no matter what.

I am extremely thankful for it. I love Jesus. =) "

(Posted as requested by Dina whose comp is down)

Yes Dina, I am so proud of you that you obeyed God to go. He has done an awesome work in you through the conference. Keep that fresh touch of love with you everyday!

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