Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My 'Before and After'

You saw me holding these big cards on stage at Max Pavilion last Saturday Night for the segment 'Flashcard Testimonies - Testaments of Christ's Faithfulness'.

How Great is our God... Sing with me How Great is our God....

* * *

Before i knew Christ - Fighting for man's approval

- Was trying hard to please almost everyone and meet their expectations
- If people do not think well of me/ i do not meet what they expect of me, i would feel super lousy and think of myself as a failure.
- One main factor: Since i was 16, my dad was overseas for work most of the time. The distance between me and my dad grew, and i began to doubt his love and approval of me. I found myself trying to do many things to win his approval so as to make myself feel worthy.

After i knew Christ - Wholly Accepted, Deeply Loved, Completely Assured in Christ!

+ Walking with Jesus along time, I began to know Him more, and realised His love for me really does not change at any time, even when i fail Him!
+ He is the Greatest Lover in the whole world!
+ With such assuring love, i grew more and more secure in Christ about myself, and came to know that my self-worth does not have to be dependent on the varying opinions and vast expectations of so many people. There is no way to please everyone!
+ Outcome of this: I began to pursue my dreams and work on the things of my heart with amazing fervor, confidence and passion!

* * *

It was an unexpectedly awesome (and also ultimately worrying) experience standing on stage for me, even for that few seconds... Gosh, all the big screens had just me! Bearing my life before the nations, i felt super bare for a moment.

Then i heard the cheers, and Ps Eugene even got the 7000-crowd to pray for all the 'flashers'. Indeed when we give God all the honour, He honours us back beyond our imagination.

Thanks for cheering for me dears, and more importantly, cheering for Jesus who transformed my life!

3 Cheers for Jesus!!!

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