Wednesday, March 7, 2007

It is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35b)

May i quote from Novie's sharing about her very first serving at Hospitality (HT) last Sunday:

"I did not feel comfortable at the thought of it at first. But today as i served, i felt a lot of joy in me as i did the work."
Gals, I was so glad to be serving along with all of you on Sunday, whether you were in HT or Security. I know that when we serve with one heart and one love for one God, we will be touched and blessed by God in amazing ways. It may be a seemingly simple gift of joy (like what Novie and Dina had shared), but God is actually telling us this,

"Thank you My daughters for serving Me and My people. Thank you for extending My hand of love and acceptance and security to them."

That day i observed how Novie was serious and focused on her duty. And once again I recognised Meiqi's dedicated faithfulness to her security for the past year.

I also want to affirm Dina for taking that step of obedience to 'try out' the HT (her 1st time too!) even though she felt a little fearful when i first informed her she would be on HT. =)

Some photos and thanksgiving for our cluster family at HT at our cluster blog:

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