Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why I Want to be a Mother

[As posted by Ps YC on cluster blog in his post titled 'Look Far in the Vision']

80,000 cell leaders. El Campin Stadium Bogota. International G12 Conference 2005.
(Click - see it to believe it)

200+ Dreamers, Movers and Shakers, YCYPAO Cluster. West Coast Park 2006.

4 in Poh Family. CNY 2007.

2 lives committed to God's Vision, 1995.

Ps Cesar (adapted - G12 Conference Singapore 2007)
"When you look for a mate, know that it is not primarily for your pleasure. The goal is to produce offspring for our Father in Heaven."

Ps YC (SOL 1 on goal of marriage & courtship)
“Partners on earth to prepare one another and those around us to spend eternity with God”

Look Far when you pray for your mate today!

* * *

Why Mirabel wants to be a mother

I remembered being very touched when hearing Ps Cesar say on Sunday, we find a mate to produce offspring for our Father. Seeing it again here made me tear again. I cried to Abba Father,

"Who am i to deserve such honour to produce offspring for You?? That's such a privilege You have given to me, Father! But yes, that's exactly my heart's desire too - to form a G12 family whereby my children will be in the same vision, and serve and love You wholeheartedly generations after generations!"

I was reminded of Mary, whom Ps Nina said during the conference, simply obeyed God in faith when He called her to be a mother (of Jesus). She had nothing to offer God, probably no qualities that people would look up to. But simply because she no longer said 'no' to God, her life was transformed.

i thought that Mary's description also depicts me, also an imperfect person definitely. I also make mistakes and can be vulnerable. But because i said 'Yes' to God, i know the Lord is teaching me to be a (i always pray so) better and better mother to all of you. Thank you gals for accepting me, an imperfect person, as your spiritual mother, and loving me. Thank you for your affirmations for me during G12 Conference.

I submit myself under the covering of my spiritual mother, Ps Yueh Ping, and i pray that as each of you chooses to submit under my covering too, indeed all that i receive are yours too.

My hope for everyone of you daughters, is that you will always continue in your faith, established and firm, not moved from the hope held out in the gospel. I pray envisioning each and everyone of you shining and blossoming in the beauty of the Lord, becoming more and more like Him.

And i pray for my mate not just to become a wife, but to be a mother to natural offspring who will shine as God's children, and in turn multiply generations that always walk tall, firm and strong in the Lord! =)

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