Saturday, July 28, 2007

Answered Prayer from 100K!

In every step of faith I have taken for God during this 100K campaign, much as the recepients were surprised, I was as much amazed myself at their responses - stunned, teary eyes, great smiles etc. Indeed God is opening many hearts; the land is thirsty!

I visited my ex-colleague Karen's family this Tues night to pass a birthday present to her daughter. Suddenly God prompted this in my heart - bless her entire family! I was both excited, yet a little fearful of how Karen, a staunch Buddhist, would respond. After some time of catching up and playing with her new puppy, I said,

'Karen, can I bless your family?' (I had blessed Karen before I left my previous workplace)

She replied instantly, 'SURE! Go ahead!"

In the next moments she was exclaiming on my behalf to her children and husband to look through the blessing list, telling them to quickly and seriously choose and then come to me one by one.
I told her, I felt like a doctor at a clinic (the armchair basically). Ha.

It really blew my mind to be able to bless an entire family on one seemingly normal night. And it would have remained normal if I had ignored God's prompting and drawn back in doubt.

* **

I received a sms on Friday 'Oooh hey I got full marks for my test!'.

Last week Eejay and I met up with a young couple for dinner. The 19-year old young lady was in our Trybe (formerly Thumbs-up!) class five years ago, and both of us had each built up a special bond with her. We asked to bless her and her boyfriend for 100K, and the young man wrote 'Pray that I don't sleep' as one of his additional needs. Ha.

Well he was extremely stressed for his test this Tuesday, and concluded that only if he did not sleep at all then he could do well. We rebuked him gently, saying no to his request and turned the prayer request around to pray strongly that he would do exceedingly well for this test while receiving sufficient rest.

And praise the Lord! You read the answered prayer above - full marks!

* * *

Are you discouraged at any point of time?

1. Be honest with yourself and with others about your state - God knows and authenticity is the 1st step towards breakthrough
2. Look for someone to partner - someone who is bolder
3. Ask me to do it together with you
4. Believe God totally without holding back
5. Put action to your faith!

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