Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Babysitter + Updates from Novie

Photo from YC: Amanda the Babysitter!

To Amanda: You looked really quite tired after babysitting Anna and Elsie during Leaders' Meeting. Thank you for serving. God must have been grinning to Himself watching the three of you play. =)

* * *

Updates from Novie
in Indonesia:

"Thank you for praying for my mother and me!
My mum says 'thanks!' for your birthday wishes to her too. =)
She can bathe, walk up and down the stairs by herself now, though she is still not involved in our shop cos' she needs to rest.

There are so many conferences this summer (referring to Ed Silvoso's), but I am missing all of them. =( Life somehow feels different for me nowadays, like it's just a passing time. There's nothing much to do, now that my mum has limitations. We used to do a lot of stuff at home alone. I guess I have adapted better. Anyway time passes fast, and I won't feel this way for long. =p

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon, Novie! =)

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