Sunday, July 15, 2007

Celebrating Lilian, Belinda & Minghui!

... and exciting reports from 100k

Happy Birthday Lilian and Belinda!! You are God's workmanship, truly worth celebrating. On the day that God formed you in your mothers' wombs, I cannot imagine how delighted God was, looking at even your unformed bodies, simply imagining your beauty and form in His mind.

Minghui, all the angels in heaven are truly rejoicing over your rededication today! =)

Praise God for the chances for us to bless 3 persons for 100K during our celebrations today. I knew our prayers spoke power, hope and strength into their lives. More amazing things are in God's schedule.

Amanda and I together blessed an old couple selling icecream yesteday, after visiting Lilian at her Encounter. Indeed it is more blessed to give than receive - the uncle gladly gave us two bottles of drinks after praying and chatting. It is amazing to hear non-Christians agree with us that Jesus is good and powerful!

Shine on, daughters!

Indeed as Minghui said, God is more concerned about training us up in every small step of faith we take for Him, than the numbers we present to Him at the end of this campaign. We are going to grow closer to Him!

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