Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Faith Story for 12 July

I was praying throughout today for God to grant me the chance to pray for at least one of the beauticians at my facial place tonight. Not unexpectedly I began to fidget upon reaching the vicinity and wondered, 'They are always so busy... What excuse should I use?'..

Reminding myself that the first step is BLESS... I scooted off to buy four bottles of chrysanthemun and offered them. FELLOWSHIP time was throughout my enjoyable facial. Haha.

Towards the end of the session, seeing that all of them were still busy, I began to talk myself into giving up. Yet I knew I had prayed and God would not let me leave like this. So at the last moment, I said to Nancy for the first time (Why didn't I do it last time??) and very sincerely, 'Nancy, do you know you can feel free to share your prayer requests with me? I will gladly pray for you'. My heart thumped slower.

Before I even described the 100k campaign to her, she began to share, frowning, about her worries about some possible problems with the landlord. Immediately I said, 'Come! I pray for you!', blessing her beyond what she shared. (Sharing of Real Needs - PRAYING ANSWERED PRAYERS)

The next moment, she looked at me with big watery eyes (like a cartoon character), cupped my face with both hands, then hugged me and began to thank me profusely. She said, 'You are really a very kind girl' and I replied, 'No, my GOD is good! Dare to ask God too yourself, anytime you need a blessing!'. (PROCLAIM) =)

* * *

Gals, the land is really filled with people with needs. Be bold to go and bless. The people out there are thirsty for blessings. And when they see us bless them with no strings attached, they are touched deeply by God's unconditional love. Will you be that representative today?

Not us, then who?
Not now, then when?

* * *

So joyful that God still used me even at my verge of giving up for today, I tried to bless the taxi driver who brought me home. I could not think of any opening line and blurted, 'Do you work until very late?'

The driver gave me a bewildered look, anxiously shook his head, and looked ahead. Oops case closed for this.

As I walked to my flat, I chuckled to myself, 'Oh no, did I sound like I wanted to ask him out just now??!!!!'

* * *

Who can I bless tomorrow? =)

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