Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hi Warrior Princesses,

How are you doing for 100K?

Let's run the full race for Jesus here.

1. We start by believing God for 20 persons first
If we begin the race believing ourselves to only finish half of the race, we will not reach the end. Start with the finishing line in mind!

2. Take the first step
All of us have done this! Well done!

3. Rely on God to direct your steps (to who to bless) and lean on His love and compassion
Sometimes we feel so ON, especially after blessing someone. Other times, we cower in fear. Yes, the race may get tiring; we start wondering why we started in the first place.

BUT God never ran half-way for us! God can continually top us up in His faith, compassion and love, when we ask Him. Many people out there need simply a listening ear, a touch of care, a little attention.

4. Support one another
Yes, partner one another to go out bless people. Ask me to do with you.
Be faithful to pray for one another in your 3x3 prayer groups.

Even if you stumble in the race, we will pick you up. =)

This Fri i had an answered prayer.

May it encourage you. God encourages me largely as I serve Him. To date I had blessed 22 persons (3 didn't leave their contacts).

Yes i had met my target, but I am starting on another round of the race. I will not be complacent and stop blessing. That will defeat the entire purpose of this 100K Blessings. I want to grow continually in faith!


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