Friday, January 4, 2008

Applying Psalm 3 into our lives

In face of challenges and problems in our lives, do these:

Step 1 - CONFRONT the challenges before the Lord. (Yes, to the Lord. Not complaining or gossiping about them to other people)

In Psalm 3:1-2, David admitted the problems he faced to the Lord - many enemies were after him, nobody believed he would be saved. He faced the problems, not ran away from them.

Step 2 - CONFESS who God is. The true character of God.

Verse 3 - David proclaimed that the Lord is his Shield, and Glory who is mighty enough and cares enough to uphold him. Lift your eyes away from the problem and to the Problem Solver.

Step 3 - Be CONVICTED again of His promises in our lives

Verse 4 - David remembered the times when the Lord heard and answered his cries; He remembered that He promised that He will always hear and answer him.

Step 4 - CLAIM His blessings into your lives

Verse 8 - David did not yet see the deliverance he prayed for. But he still praised God and claimed the blessing at the end.

Guess what, this is the secret manual to avoid sleeplessness in our lives too! Let peace and assuredness be in your heart as you apply these steps in face of challenges.

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