Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Studying Psalm 1

STEP 1 - Observation

What are some of the key idea or word that has been repeated throughout the Psalm?

In the first part of the psalm, how does the psalmist describe what a blessed man is not (v.1)?

a. He does not _____________________________
b. He does not _____________________________
c. He does not _____________________________

What does a blessed man look like then? (v.2)

a. ______________________________________________
b. ______________________________________________

What is the picture painted of a blessed man who delights and meditates on the law of God?

He is one who (v. 2 & 3)

a. is like ____________________________
b. yields ___________________________
c. has leaf _________________________

As a result, whatever the blessed man does, he prospers.

What does the psalmist compare the wicked or the ungodly to?(v. 4 & 5)

a. He is like _______________________________
b. He will not stand ________________________

As a result, whatever the wicked or ungodly does, he will not prosper.

STEP 2 - Interpretation


This psalm summarises the ways open to man:
• the way of the righteous
• the way of the wicked

v.1 signifies a progression from casual influence by the ungodly to the collusion with them in the ways against the righteous. It began with ‘walking’, then ‘standing’ and followed by ‘sitting’ in the midst of negative influence.

A godly person is influenced by his meditation on the Word of God. For all who take delight in living by God’s word, there is prosperity (fruitful tree). Thus whatever the righteous does will prosper. He is right with the Lord and enjoys peace and joy that results from the relationship.

The opposite of a blessed man is an ungodly man. The psalmist compared them to chaff, the worthless husks of the grain blown away by the wind in the process of winnowing. He is not approved of God and he will perish.

Q: What is the main theme of this Psalm?
A: God will separate the righteous from the wicked in judgement. The righteous will have a prosperous life in accordance to the Word of God. However, the ungodly shall perish.

Q: What is the key verse?

STEP 3 - Application

Do you want to receive the approval of God and be prosperous in whatever you do?

How can we receive God’s happiness for you and be prosperous?

1. Desire God and His Word
 Ask of a supernatural desire for the WORD
2. Be Disciplined in His Word
 Ask of a supernatural encounter and revelation of the WORD
3. Delight yourself in His presence and Word
 Ask of a new joy to know the LORD

Are you feeling dissatisfaction in your life? Or are you seeking the wrong source for counsel and advice?

Set apart time with the WORD and allow the God of the WORD to come near you to strengthen you, refresh you with new joy and release new life into you. God is the God of prosperity and protection. He watches over you and blesses the works of your hands so that you may be prosperous! Come this day, do not hesitate anymore!

• Psalms Classic Library Edition by Marilyn Hickey
• The Bible Knowledge Commentary (Old Testament; Cook)

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