Sunday, January 27, 2008

Studying Psalm 25

Psalm 25 (and many other Psalms) expresses David confiding in the Lord, where he poured his heart out to Him.

Yet Psalm 25:14, rather unexpectedly, switched around to tell us that even 'the LORD confides in those who fear him; He makes His covenant known to them'.

What a two-way communication of intimacy and deep reliance David shares with the Lord.

Imagine having the Prime Minister of Singapore calling you up and saying, 'Can i tell you what is on my heart? Can we have a heart-to-heart talk?'

Yes, the King of Kings, the God of the Universe, the Supreme Lord wants to confide in us!


In the New Testament, there is also an example of this.

In John 20:10-18, Jesus, after He resurrected, appeared to Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb.

+ He called her by her name, Mary (verse 16)
+ Then He told Mary what was going to happen to Him soon, where He was going (back to the Father) after this. (verse 17)

Mary Magdalene was one of the few who did not abandon Jesus even when she might not have understood Jesus' predicament. She had a relationship and encounter with Jesus; she continued to love Him as Lord.

Little will we doubt why Jesus would choose to appear to Mary and tell her His plans.


Not only does Jesus want to confide in us, through an intimate relationship with Him, know that He will do it first by calling our names! What a personal God we have.

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