Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Studying Psalm 23 - Why Sheep?

(drawn by me!)

1. Sheep has virtually no defenses.
Most of God's animal creations have some kind of effective defense mechanism, whether claws or teeth, special colouring or speed, strength or sharp senses.

But sheep have none. They are weak, slow, and awkward. They cannot even growl. Their only protection comes from their shepherd. And the same is true with the Christian.

2. Sheep have difficulty finding food and water.
They must depend totally on their shepherd for sustenance. If they fail to get it, they will eat poisonous weeds and die. We are just as dependent on God who sustains us.

3. Sheep can be easily frightened.
And fright can lead them to do things that can threaten their lives. So the shepherd attempts to keep them calm, by singing and simply being with them.

We can have the same kind of reassuring relationship with our Shepherd.

4. Sheep have a poor sense of direction.
They get lost easily - even in their own territory. Believers can behave very similarly. We simply cannot be our own guide; we get in trouble every time we do. We must trust our Shepherd and listen to His voice implicitly.

5. Sheep cannot clean themselves very well.
It falls on the shepherd to keep them clean. We too are by nature, unclean. Only our Shepherd can cleanse us.

(Source: Your Daily Walk, Bruce Wilkinson)

My Shepherd King... You're watching over me...

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