Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Studying Psalm 6

Step ONE - Observation

What are some of the key idea or word that has been repeated throughout the Psalm?
(Phrases that describe David’s affliction and pain… What are they?)

With the above description, it is not difficult to guess that David must be terribly disturbed and afflicted.

Step TWO - Interpretation


David was suffering from some kind of illness that brought him great agony. Psalm 6 is one of the 7 penitential psalms which convey David’s sorrow over his sin.

This psalm consists of 4 parts
a. Prayer for relief from suffering (v. 1 – 3)
o David pleaded with the Lord to stop chastening him in anger for his sin. His question of “How long?” reflects of his intense anguish and frustration. He longed for God’s healing and restoration.

b. Prayer for deliverance (v. 4 & 5)
o David gave 2 reasons why God should answer his prayer
i. God will rescue him because of His unfailing live for him. He pleaded healing on the basis of God’s character as time and again God has shown that he is abundant in love.
ii. David reasoned that God would desire to have someone stand in His sanctuary to proclaim the salvation of the Lord. Thus there’ll be absence of praises for God if he were to die because of this illness.

c. His lament over his illness (v. 6 – 7)
o David confessed his anguish. The vivid description of his condition and state in these verses showed that he bared his heart before the Lord and did not hide his feelings and thoughts. He wrestled with God on the basis of his relationship with Him.

d. Assurance of restoration from God (v.8 – 10)
o David was confident that God accepts his prayer and would deliver him from his pain. His enemies would be disgraced and ashamed

Q: What is the theme of this psalm?
A: In the darkest of nights, God is ever present to hear the prayers of the afflicted. He is able to deliver and rescue those who cry out to Him in times of trouble.

Q: What is the key verse?
A: v. 9 & 10 The LORD has heard my cry for mercy, the LORD accepts my prayer. All my enemies will be ashamed and dismayed; they will turn back in sudden disgrace.

Step THREE - Application

Q: Was David still in pain by the time he ended this psalm?

Q: What has helped David to persevere in times of pain and despair?

How do we overcome affliction and pain?


1. Bare your heart before God and draw near to Him.
o Draw near to God and do not run away from Him in times of pain. You can be honest with Him and tell Him how you feel.

2. Believe in God and rest in the character of God.
o Receive His unfailing love that assures you that He will answer the cry of your heart.

Is there an area in your life that has caused pain and crippled you in life?
Pain is inevitable in life but misery is a choice!

Today, you can make a choice not to live in misery and suffering. Get up and rest in your relationship with God to know that His unfailing love for you will keep you safe from all harm.

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• The NIV Study Bible

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