Thursday, February 21, 2008

17th February: Church Girls!

These are some of the photos of which we took last Sunday (17th feb) so I'm sharing it here, We all look marvelous! (especially Dina & her super pretty hairband)

Aigoo, (its a slang in korean) You all should just smile & take photos with Johnny (my DSLR camera) and not run away from the camera, that way we can have much more brilliant memories and than we can put it into a photo album & when we grow old/up we can look back on these days and sigh with happiness in our hearts at our fufilled life.

In anycase, this Sat-urday is global prayer meeting + cell so we can pray for someone out there who needs more help than us, and share how our fasting have been (the ups & downs of fasting).

Jesus lives in our blood, we must live for him & only him and dedicate the next 36 days of fasting to him, to put down aside our TV shows, internet gaming, phototaking and everything that's material and seperates us from Jesus!

Aja aja fighting jia you!

What are you girls fasting for? (your purpose, as in what are you abstaining from to grow closer with Jesus) I'm abstaining from TV, Games, Cooking, Food (only bread - i'm still in the process of eating only bread/crackers) and non worship Music aka music that isn't worship songs.

As the days go on, I will add on here & there and perhaps truly even abstain from everything and focuse on His word alone will suffice my soul and thirst for him, at the moment I'm still trying not to do so much Youtube (ugh, there's alot of brilliant things to watch on YouTube) and the internet.

Much Much love,

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