Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Studying Psalm 57


What was the circumstance David was in when he wrote this psalm?
• He was fleeing from Saul into the cave

What did he do in such difficult time?
• He asked the Lord for mercy
• He took refuge in the shadow of His wings
• He cried out to God Most High

What was God’s response?
• God sent His love and faithfulness

What can we learn from this psalm about God?
• God’s love is great, reaching to the heavens and will save us in time of trouble and He is faithful, his faithfulness reaches to the skies, rebuking those who pursue us (v3 & 10).


Key idea: The exaltation of Yahweh in the mist of alienation

V1-5 – lament and refrain
V6-11 – thanksgiving

What is the theme of the psalm?
• The psalmist exalted the God of mercy and truth above the dangerous situation and completely trusted his Lord to deliver him.

How should we respond when we are cornered in a situation not to our favour, worse, it is one that will endanger our lives?
• S.E.T. your heart on Him
• Be Steadfast! Keep your focus on Him. Know that He is a God who will fulfill His purpose for you.
• Exalt Him for who He is for the Lord is true to His word. Praise Him and sing of Him!
• Trust in His love and faithfulness! The magnitude of His love and faithfulness is something we can never comprehend fully. Trust that He will deliver you from the difficult situation.


Is there an area in your life right now which you find it very challenging to manage? No matter where you turn, the avenue of escape evades you. Can you believe that the faithful God who loves you can intervene and make a way for you?

Source (Angela Tan's notes)
• Psalms Classic Library Edition by Marilyn Hickey
• The Expositor’s Bible Commentary Volume 5
Frank E. Gaebelein – General Editor
Zondervan Publishing House

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