Thursday, February 28, 2008

Studying Psalm 59

1 Observation

What are some of the key idea or word that has been repeated throughout the Psalm?
• Attacks from the enemies (v1-3)
• Injustice experienced (v4-5)
• How evil the wicked are (v6-7)

What does this tell you about the situation?
• It shows the urgent need for deliverance from the psalmist.

What is God’s response? Why does it tell us about God?
• Unmoved, laughed (v8)
• From God’s perspective, evil is self-destructive. God will see to it that the rule of oppression will end and that His own will be vindicated (v8, cf 2:4 & 37:13)

Is there any change of emotion in the psalm as you read on? If yes, which verse and what is the change?
• Yes, verse 9
• The psalmist sees that the Lord is stronger than His people, the Lord is the fortress. In the face of evil shown by the enemies, the Lord is the loving God by whose love His people thrive.

2 Interpretation


Psalm 59 was written by David and marks the night when King Saul sent soldiers to his house with orders to kill David when he came out in the morning. Fortunately, Michal, David’s wife and Saul’s daughter, was aware of the plot and helped David escape during the night. (Hickey, Psalms)

How are we to respond in the presence of the wicked when we are attacked?
• Cry to God and put your hope in Him. Don’t fall into dismay.
• Confident in God’s response. He is your fortress. Have you seen a fortress before?

What is the theme of the psalm?
• My God is my Champion! Wickedness will not succeed in attacking the people of God. God is able to deliver us from our enemies. He is our shield, providing protection for those who submit to His Lordship

3 Application

Are you under attack by some people around you? Physically or emotionally? Would you seek His assistance and believe that as you call on Him, He can intervene divinely? Do you have the faith to believe that He will make you champion too?

Source (Angela Tan's notes)
• Psalms Classic Library Edition by Marilyn Hickey
• The Expositor’s Bible Commentary Volume 5
Frank E. Gaebelein – General Editor
Zondervan Publishing House

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