Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Studying Psalm 50

(Adapted from materials from a church brother. My personal add-ons in blue)

>>What is the Lord saying about our sacrifice to him? Is He impressed by them?
No, if the sacrifices that we make are merely empty demonstrations of religious practices, He is not impressed. What can we give to God that He does not already own?

Just a few verses (8-13) and i thought their revealed mighty truth about God has overturned many religions and so-called gods around us. Everything in the world belongs to Him; there is nothing we can ever 'give' back to Him!

A deception in the world's religions is like this:
I give you $5. You use my $5 to buy fruits for me.

BUT if the $5 did not come from you, you cannot call it a sacrifice on your part!

It's so funny when God says in verse 12a 'If I were hungry, I would not tell you'.

>>What then is the Lord requiring of us?

v.14a 'Sacrifice thank offerings (instead) to God'
Where does thanksgiving stem from? Our hearts!

That we offer to him our sacrifices not as if they are gifts to Him, but a demonstration of our heart of gratitude to Him. He is looking for a heart of love towards Him that remembers His divine goodness.

>>What does God say to those who continue to know His word even teach it, but do not live it out?
v.19 & 20 specifically pinpointed evil, deceitful, complaint, slander word from our mouths, speaking against others. Check our hearts where come out from our mouths.
He leaves them to themselves as He is a patient God. However, they are not to take His silence as an approval of their actions. God will ultimately judge them.

>>Subject: How do we offer authentic worship to God, even in times of need?

1.More than sacrifices, offer Him a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving. (vs 14)
2.More than knowing His word, live it out in obedience. (vs 16-17)

God’s promise to us?
He will save us and deliver us. (vs 15, 23)

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