Saturday, March 1, 2008

Studying Psalm 60


What is your observation as you read Psalm 60?
God’s people rejected by God, divine abandonment
You have rejected us
You have been angry
You have shaken the land and torn it open
You have shown your people desperate time
You have given us wine that makes us stagger
Adversity has strained the covenant relationship between God and His people

What do you think could be the reason behind? Which verse tells you so?
God is angry (v3, cf Isa 51:17, 22 and Jer 25:15-29)

How then did the psalmist respond to God?
They prayed to God (v5) and were confident of victory (v4 & 12)


A national prayer for God’s help after suffering a severe blow by a foreign nation, presumably Edom (v9). The prayer leader may have been a king. God has promised to be with His people; but in his own wisdom, He seems to have abandoned them. God’s people live a meaningless existence without His presence. They take defeat seriously because divine abandonment is the most miserable condition. The experience of divine rejection brings out a renewed faith and confidence in the Lord.

What do you think is the key verse? Why?
Verse 12
Only WITH God can victory be gained. Rejection of God lands us nowhere.

What is the theme of this psalm?
In a spiritual war God’s name and honour is involved. So if the enemy should win a victory, it’s only temporary because God will intervene and vindicate His people.

How to smile through stormy situations in life?
Let prayer be the 1st strategy (v5)
Know that God is a just God and He is just in His rule. Victory is guaranteed! (v12)


Have you ever been concentrating on obtaining victory in one area of your life only to experience defeat in another area where you thought you were safe? If so, don’t panic; you are just under a sneak attack by the enemy. God knows you are willing to do the job He’s assigned to you. Just be careful, in your zeal, you don’t let your guard down in other areas. But if you blow it, make sure you have Ps 60:12 hidden in your heart so you’ll quickly got to God in prayer. Be confident that He will act on your behalf because it’s only through Him that we win!

Source (Angela Teo's notes)
Psalms Classic Library Edition by Marilyn Hickey
The Expositor’s Bible Commentary Volume 5
Frank E. Gaebelein – General Editor
Zondervan Publishing House
The NIV Study Bible

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