Thursday, March 13, 2008

Studying Psalm 72 (12 Mar)

Q1a. How many times did the word “righteous” appear?
Ans: 4xs (v1, v2, v3, v7)

Q1b.Who wrote the psalm?
Ans: David(v20)

Q1c. Why did David write the psalm?
Ans: As a prayer for his son, Solomon, the king after him.

Q2.What is the theme of this psalm?
Ans: Psalm 72 is a “Messianic psalm and prophetically points to the Millennium when, under the righteous reign of Christ, God’s kingdom on earth shall be perfect and universal.” (Marilyn Hickey)

Q3.What is the key verse?
Ans: v1 “Give the king Your judgements, O God, and Your righteousness to the king’s son.”

Q4. What is the context of the psalm?
Ans: Psalm 72 is the last of David’s prayers and psalms. (v20)
“Psalm 72 is a prayer for Solomon, son of David and Bathsheba, as he was about to take sole possession of the throne of Israel. David was an aged king who had instructed his heir of the awesome responsibilities of ruling a theocratic kingdom. David had shared his vision of the Temple with Solomon (1 Chronicles 28), and he was now praying for the righteous reign and character of his son.” (Marilyn Hickey)

Q5. What is the subject of the psalm?
Ans: How to pray for our leadership/superior?

Q6. What are the complements?
Ans: a)By asking God to give him righteous judgement.(Psalm 72:1)

Citations: (Lay Ching's notes)
1.Marilyn Hickey, “Psalms: Classic Library Edition.” (page 185))

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