Friday, March 14, 2008

Studying Psalm 74 (14 Mar)

Study of the verses

This psalm is an appeal to God against the destruction of the land by the enemy.
(Historical event to this psalm is uncertain; the only occasion that matches was the invasion of the Babylonians in 586 BC) This Asaph may be a later member of Asaph of the Asaph musical guild.

V1-2 – An appeal to God to not to be angry with His people but to remember them; His sheep
V3- asking God to take a look at the destruction done by the enemy
V4-8- descriptions of the destructions done
V9-No prophet to give spiritual guidance/counsel for the people
V10-17- Psalmist sought God himself; and pleaded with God to show His right hand, as He had done before.
V18-23 Psalmist petitions to God for deliverance and not let His people to be fallen into the hands of the enemy.

Leading Questions to Psalms 74:

1)What did the enemy destroy?
-The sanctuary of God (vs. 3; 7; 8)

2)Why did the destruction happen?
-God is angry with His people (vs 1)

3)What troubled the psalmist in vs 9?

The lack of prophet/lack of spiritual counsel; guidance
4)What did he do to overcome the situation?
He took up the spiritual mantle and pleaded with God for the people (v10)

5)What did the psalmist plea for?
appease of God’s anger(v1); remembrance of His people(v2); His intervention against the destruction(22-23)
My Learning:

Who is God?
God is one who is able to deliver.

How then shall I live?

How to seek God in troubled times?
1)Be Humble; admit our dependency
2)Be Proactive; raise up in prayer
3)Be Thankful; remember His goodness

(Source: Sook San's notes)

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