Saturday, March 8, 2008

Studying Psalm 67 (7 Mar)

Q1a. How many times did the word “bless” appear?
Ans: 3xs

Q1b.How many times did the phrase “Let the peoples praise You” appear?
Ans: 4xs


Q2.What is the theme of this psalm?
Ans: Praising God joyfully for blessing us that others will know that He is God and turn to worship Him.

Q3.What is the key verse?
Ans: v7 “God blesses us, that all the ends of the earth may fear Him.”

Q4. What is the context of the psalm?
Ans: Psalm 67 was supposedly anonymous but Marilyn Hickey suggests that it seems to fit into the period when Israel was supernaturally delivered from the fierce attack of the Assyrian army and this psalm was probably written by King Hezekiah.

Q5. What is the subject of the psalm?
Ans: How can we glorify God and advance His kingdom?

Q6. What are the complements?
Ans: a)By praising Him because He is a God Who Blesses His people!

Q7.What is the result?
Ans: According to Michael Wilcock, “ it is when the people of God are alight with joy and praise and are themselves ruled and guided by Him that His ways and His salvation will be known among the peoples around. This is the best kind of Evangelism.

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