Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Approaching G12 (and Cell) Meetings with Faith

This is a recent sharing from Ps YC which spoke sharply to me.

I too, am 'guilty' of bearing thoughts like "Maybe i don't need to share so much, don't wish to impose on my sisters/brothers" sometimes.

Dear gals, i hope that this article will jolt you out of such wrong mentalities (if you have) too. Know that God is concerned about your real needs, and that you are each, an important part of the Body. Yes, everyone of you.


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Warriors of Light, how are you approaching G12 (and cell) Meetings in this Year of Victory?

Approaching with Faith means

1) I come expecting God to meet my needs

"I do not play hide and seek" - some pull a long face and try to get people to notice that they have a need at G12 meetings. When people do not perform up to what they expect, they blame others for being insensitive. That's NOT faith! That's expecting to be rejected, and expecting others to be omniscient!

"I come to share my needs" - because I believe that God WILL meet my need. Those who suppress their real need ("It's ok - my need is not important") actually display signs of rejection, because they feel that they do not dare "impose upon others" lest their real needs are trivialised. So "in case it happens, I better keep it to myself until it is really big".

2) I come expecting for God to use me to meet others' needs
PR 11:25 A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed."

God can do all things, but he fully intends to use YOU to do it (else we would all be in heaven so that all our needs can be fully met now). So step out and reach out to your brother and sister. Your spiritual father/mother is not God, nor is he/she omnipotent and omnipresent.

Go for YOUR refreshing!

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