Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I had missed the point.

This whole week i have been very excited about our Good Fri party and Easter's Healing Miracle Service.

My mind had so many things - it kept flipping through the pages of people i want to invite, the preparation work i need to do for the events, including guiding Shereen for Saturday's Easter Program for Yishun Young Arrows.

But at last night's Leaders' Meeting, God told me this,

"You have missed the point. You have been distracted by many things."

As Ps Eugene led us to the Cross, to ponder again on what Jesus has done for us, i knew i had forgotten that, Good Friday, Easter or whichever day, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CROSS.

I repented.

Today as i reminded myself again and again, it is all about the Cross, God poured new compassion for many people around me. I sobbed to God, praying "God, so many people need You. Your arm is not too short to save!"

Before Good Friday comes, let us bow our knees at the Cross, repent of any distraction and sin, and let our hearts flow with gratitude for Christ's work. Know that the Cross is really about the grace and mercy of God.

Then ask God to give us deeper compassion for people. Fast and pray for them to be touched and saved this weekend.


It is NOT about our programs, our plans, our songs.

When we have compassion, we can then truly extend grace and love to people, especially that we invited to our events. With compassion, then can we extend Jesus' love to their hearts.

NOW i am really excited. *winks*

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