Thursday, April 19, 2007

My co-labourer in Love, Belinda

Daughter Belinda and i went for the dinner get-together for Trybe life coaches last night. It was a good time of catchup and also proper review discussion of how the very first round of life coaching had gone.

I thought the picture below is really cute cos it looked like we both purposely clenched our fists into a punch. Well we are Warrior Princesses with a good fighting spirit! Ha, but the truth for the picture is that we both happened to be grabbing our bag handles which were rather camouflaged with our tops. Ha.

I put a photo Ber and i took together two years back here as well, on the right (i can hear Ber screaming). I always rejoice in how Ber has grown. Prettier too. Beautiful smiles. I had gone thru' ups and downs with her, but she is essentially a very humble girl who is open with even her weaknesses and seeks to learn to become better. It is always so good to hear her heart.

Dear precious Belinda, i know that you are taking small brave steps in restoring things in your life and putting things 'right'. I see your heart of love growing through the years. Thank you for labouring in love with me in life coaching.

In all that you do, may you not rely too much on your own strength. I bless you with faith and boldness for every step, and may you experience Love and Grace even more, as you walk. =)

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