Saturday, April 7, 2007

Blessing the Yishun Community

... and Transforming the Void Deck!

(Photos taken on Canon Powershot A710 IS)

This Easter program for a part of Yishun neighbourhood is a collaborative effort between Touch Young Arrows (mainly Yishun Young Arrows (YYA)) and the RC for that area. We blessed the community with a good time of games, magic show and an awareness of the true message of Easter.

I felt unwell the whole of today. Have been so since i had gastric on Monday night from fasting dinner (must ask God to protect our body when we fast). I nearly ringed Shereen to tell her i would not be going down, but i really wanted to give her the support at the event, not forgetting that she is not too familiar with YYA yet.

I must thank God for Shereen who really put in a lot of efforts for this, ever since i asked her to take charge of the manpower and planning of our games stalls and the stage backdrop decor. I wanted this to be a good exposure for her in serving the community through tapping on her strengths. Well done, Shereen!

Not forgetting Yati, Asyiqin and Shereen's 3 friends who came down to help. I knew there were times it got hot and boring, but you stayed on. I hope the innocent fun and joy of the children warmed your hearts today. I learnt so much from the children; they are always so delighted by little, simple things. =)

Seeing the teens at YYA grow and anchor their own stall today was heartwarming too!

O Lord, keep my heart simple like the kids'!

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