Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jesus can heal, but beyond that, He WANTS to heal!

From Saturday night, we already heard of a 70-yr old lady who could not walk for 15 years stood up and walked at Hokkien service. Even reading that one-line news off my pc screen caused me to sob.

Indeed Jesus is able to heal, but beyond that, He WANTS to heal!

As you gals know, I was on stage throughout the healing ministry time. i saw many many faces... all expressing the desperation to be set free from sicknesses, addictions, fear, depression.. Tears were in my eyes as i interceded for them on the stage.

If i could be moved by the sight, i could not imagine the immense compassion Jesus has for them.

His hand moved.

Then we heard testimonies of healing that occured right before us:
+ One was 70% deaf in one ear, after prayer she said it was only 30% deaf.
+ One had severe pain in the knee, after prayer it was completely healed.
+ A gal had sinus and her nose was blocked before prayer, after prayer she could breath deeply and without obstruction.
+ One had pain in her elbow, afterwards he felt much better and could move it around.

Some of you told me they showed on screen LIVE, this old lady who arose from her wheelchair to stand after the leaders prayed for her.

When i was running about in Hall 9 before service, i too had seen another old lady, supported by a family member, walking beside her empty wheelchair!

There were still many many healings given, which could not be validated on the spot (ie. need medical checkups/doctors' report etc).

Jesus is real, and He is the God of Hope and New Beginnings!

Dear gals, even if we do not have physical illnesses, we have to run to our Father to allow Him to deal with our negative emotions everytime, especially those emotions that break us. Every tweeny bit of it is the evil one's plan to defeat God's wonderful plans for our lives.

So don't take our every bit of our emotions lightly. Share with me and one another, and claim complete healing and abundant blessings from God, victorious warriors!

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Brother Marty said...

I'm not one of them gals you refer to but one who is moved by your testimony. Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up! Let God work through you and continue to be a vessle for His healing power.
All praise and honor to our Lord!